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The experts at “Toothache Relief” have tried my toothache relief products and by far the most effective effective has been a product called ‘Oral Assist’ from Native Remedies.

Oral Assist – Natural Toothache Relief

Oral Assist is a natural remedy that will provide quick and effective toothache relief – one of the great benefits about this product is that it will also promote oral health and improve the freshness of breath.

Oral-Assist not only provides toothache pain relief but it supports the tooth, gums and mouth for over-all oral health. There are no side effects and no harmful chemcials, just a range of natural homeopathic ingredients that have been used for many years to provide toothache relief and cure gum disease.

Oral-Assist is really easy to take and its safe for all ages including pregnant women. It comes in an easy to use bottle.

Many satisfied customers around the world

Over the years there are have been many positive comments from satisfied users, there’s a small sample below:

“When I feel a dull ache, I know what’s coming – persistent, throbbing pain, sensitivity to heat and pressure, tenderness in my jaw and sometimes pain in the sinus area. I quickly dose myself with Oral-Assist, and it never gets to that! Thank you Native Remedies.”
- Richard

“There is nothing worse than a swollen jaw and gum problems. I can’t take the pain of throbbing gums… I have been using this product and I can tell you that Oral-Assist is a miracle remedy. I take the drops when I first feel pain coming, and it works… ”
- Nicholas, CA, USA

“Oral-Assist helps me with the throbbing pain I get in my gums – and I even use it for a toothache! Works every time…”
- Amy

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