Product Review: Ultimate gum disease cure and toothache relief solution

The Ultimate Gum Disease Solution is a completely natural product that will provide toothache relief within 30 minutes.

It will also cure gum disease, stop bleeding gums and provide relief from gum disease pain. The Ultimate Gum Disease Solution will also eliminate canker sores and solve you bad breath problems.

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Toothache Relief Product review: Nurofen Plus tablets

April 15, 2009 by  
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Nurofen is a well known brand of ibuprofen and they promote their products as being effective at toothache pain relief. Nurofen Plus is the strongest product in their range as it contains both ibuprofen and codeine.

One of our advisors used Nurofen plus tablets when she had what she described as a mild/medium strength toothache a while back. The toothache was as a result of a broken filling that had left a sensitive tooth.

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