Gum disease treatments available from your dentist

There are a number of gum disease treatment options available for people suffering from gum disease or wanting toothache relief. These options can be broadly split into two categories:

  • Gum disease treatments from the dentist
  • Home gum disease treatments or natural

In this article we will be looking at the treatments available from your dentist, we’ll be investigating how to cure gum disease naturally and get natural toothache relief in the next article. Please add a comment or contact us if you’ve got a question.

Gum disease treatments available from your dentist

Symptons of Unhealthy Gums

Symptons of Unhealthy Gums

The treatments offered from your dentist will depend on the level of gum disease present in your mouth. The dentist is likely to start by analyzing the level of plaque, cavities and infection in the teeth and mouth before deciding on treatment options.

Your dentist will probably recommend starting with one of the most common gum disease treatments available, deep scaling and planing. You’ll usually be given a local anesthetic and the dentist will scrape away plaque and tarter from the teeth and gum area. Any rough areas of the teeth will also be planed to make them smoother. This will make it more difficult for bacteria to attach themselves to your teeth and gums.

If your gum disease is at its very early stages your dentist may advise you to have a professional clean, even if you don’t suffer from gum disease its recommended to have a professional clean twice a year to ensure your teeth and gums are kept clean – preventing gum disease from appearing is more effective than any gum disease treatment available.

Surgical gum disease treatments

If these methods don’t help cure gum disease in your mouth your dentist may suggest other gum disease treatments or even surgical procedures. The most common procedure is pocket reduction surgery (or flap surgery). In this procedure the dentist will lift the gums from the surface of the teeth to remove plaque and tarter. The gums are then placed back with a snug fit between the teeth to ensure bacteria doesn’t build up again.

Depending on your situation your dentist may suggest other surgical options including laser treatments, soft tissue grafts or bone grafts – these are usually only done in the most serious cases of gum disease.

Natural gum disease treatments

Many people could treat their gum disease without resorting to expensive visits to the dentist or even surgery. There are many natural products and home remedies that can cure gum disease and provide toothache relief.

A book by David Sharpe (available as an ebook or printed book) called ‘What You Should Know About Gum Disease explains more about the real causes of gum disease and how to cure gum disease naturally.

We also recommend a natural gum disease treatment called OraMd. OraMD is a natural oil. Because its an oil it can penetrate under your gum line, down in the pockets between your gums and teeth, and won’t wash away. Its guaranteed to help cure gum disease, click on the link below to find out more.

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OraMD is an all-natural solution for gum disease

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    Gum diseases can be harmful, regular visits to the dentist is a must to avoid gum diseases.

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