Toothache Relief Product review: Nurofen Plus tablets

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Nurofen is a well known brand of ibuprofen and they promote their products as being effective at toothache pain relief. Nurofen Plus is the strongest product in their range as it contains both ibuprofen and codeine.

One of our advisors used Nurofen plus tablets when she had what she described as a mild/medium strength toothache a while back. The toothache was as a result of a broken filling that had left a sensitive tooth.

Toothache relief results

After taking the recommended Nurofen tablet dose our advisor felt some relief within about 20-30 mins (relief may have been quicker if the tablets had been broken and crushed before swallowing to allow absorption through the mouth). the Nurofen tablets were able to take the ‘sting’ out of the toothache and make it more bearable but we not able to provide full toothache pain relief.

The effects of the tablets wore off after about 3 hours, just before the next dosage was allowed. You have to be careful not to take too many tablets during a 24 hours period.


The main advantages of Nurofen tablets are that they are convenient, easy to carry around, quick to take and you can buy them almost anywhere.


The main disadvantages are that they don’t provide full relief from medium-sevre toothaches and the effect maybe not be instant or last long enough. You also have to consider that you are putting chemicals into your body. The tablets can be quite expensive.

In conclusion keeping a pack of Nurofen tablets handy might provide quick and easy relief from toothache pain, but they are certainly not the only answer. For effective toothache relief we suggest one of our many toothache relief home remedies. The most commonly used is clove oil but brewing some fresh peppermint leaves, straining and then drinking like a tea will also work well. There are lots of other toothache home remedies on our website for you to view.

We’d love to hear your feedback

If you’ve used Nurofen or any other product to provide toothache relief we’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave us a comment below

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    What is the prescribed or recommended number of tablets to take in 24 hours to avoid over dosage? and also Do I need to take it with meals or just okey even without a meals?

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