Toothache during pregnancy

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toothache pregnancy
Pregnant woman suffer and put up with their toothache pain, because they are afraid of having dental care while pregnant.

Any future mother with this kind of problem should look and find pregnancy dental care when the dental pain begins. It is not unusual for a woman to have a toothache during pregnancy. When you are pregnant gums and teeth are more susceptible to disease. Some people said that while you are still pregnant it is very dangerous for you to have a dental care because it affects your baby, but that’s not true it can actually hurt your baby or can result in a low birth weight or even premature baby if you failed to have a dental care or untreated periodontal care during pregnancy.

If you find that you are having a dental problem during your pregnancy such as toothache, you may need an x-ray. During pregnancy the dentist generally prefers to avoid x-rays but the x-ray may be necessary for emergency treatment, you must wear an apron during your x-ray that protects you and your baby from radiation.

During your pregnancy you may be concerned about the use of anesthesia and other medications, but there are no studies that show adverse effects on a developing baby from routinely used medications such as Novocain or Lidocaine. The smallest amount of anesthesia needed to make you comfortable should be administered.

Antibiotics are often used during or before dental work to prevent or treat infections and it shown to be safe during pregnancy. Before you conceive visiting to the dentist is an absolute must. If you are pregnant and have a toothache there are a couple of things you can do.

Cloves and Clove oil – you need to chew one or two cloves to release the juices and then place them in an affected area, it will ease the pain for about half an hour, but that’s for temporary so you will need to visit your dentist.

Reflexology – it is the healing therapy harking back to ancient times and it is based on the premise that all the body’s organ match up with a pressure point on the feet, hands and ears. It can bring relief for many pregnant discomforts and even toothache can be improved when you visit a trained reflexologist.

Do Not Try Accupressure – toothache remedy is not recommended for pregnant women although acupuncture can be beneficial in the treatment of toothache.

Naturally, the best course of action when a toothache strikes is to get the tooth fixed. Toothaches, like all pains, happen for a reason and they signify something that needs repairs. Your dentist will know exactly how to treat your case, keeping in mind your pregnant condition

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  1. michelle on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 5:25 am 

    i am having my confirment right n0w after pregnancy, but i am now having gum infection , may i know h0w to relief the pain? i try to take panadol and other pain killer but it can’t stop the pain . Now i can’ even chew food .

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