Home remedies for relief of toothache pain

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It is said that herbal medicine is one of the least expensive methods of curing any kind of illness especially whilst you are at home. When treating a toothache one of the best known home remedies is using a compressing of clove oil.

Clove Oil

Clove Oil

Clove Oil

Clove oil contains eugenol, natural pain killer and antibacterial. You need to mix 2 to 3 drops of pure clove oil with ¼ teaspoon olive oil. Soak a cotton ball with the mixture and place the cotton ball beside the tooth. You can bite down gently on the cotton ball to keep in place if toothache involves a molar at the back of your mouth. If you don’t want to try the olive oil, try to grind a clove and apply the powder on the affected area, it will ease the pain. However it is important to remember whilst the clove oil will temporarily relieve the toothache and pain it will not cure the tooth cannot be cured.

Activated Charcoal Compress
Activated Charcoal Compress is another home remedy for the treatment of tooth ache, you have to mix two teaspoons of activated charcoal powder with just enough water to make a paste. Apply to piece of gauze and place on the tooth and bite down. Activated charcoal is available at many drug stores and natural health food stores. Wheat grass juice is an excellent home remedy and is widely available nowadays.
Chewing wheat grass is possible to relieve pain. The grass will stop bacteria from reproducing and helps to draw bacteria out of the painful area.

Salt water
The easiest toothache home pain remedy is a luke warm saltwater mouthwash; it will mildly disinfect your mouth and will rinse the tooth and gums offering gentle toothache pain relief.

Raw Onion
Chewing a piece of raw onion for three minutes will ease the pain, and kills bacteria in your mouth, it can help to cure the toothache. You can directly apply to the affected area with a small piece of raw onion if you cannot chew it.

Ice Pack
Use an ice pack on the outside of your cheek is one way to reduce the pain and swelling of toothache.

Garlic or Lahsun can provide relief from toothache as well. Place 2-3 seeds of garlic mixed in salt over the cavity if the tooth. It also helps in killing bacteria and other germs. It is good for people suffering from bleeding from gums or weak tooth just chew 2-3 seeds of garlic early in the morning.

The best remedy of all is prevention. Keep your teeth clean and brushed. Cavities and bacteria are two of the most common causes of toothache. Flossing and brushing your teeth, rinsing with mouthwash on a regular basis are the best safeguards against developing cavities and problems with your teeth.

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  1. D. Friedman on Fri, 17th Apr 2009 2:40 pm 

    These home remedies are terrific. I have used several on various occasions. I distinctly remember one occasion (because I was in so much pain), while I was out of town for a couple of days. I did not want to go to a strange dentist.
    I went to a local supermarket and bought whole cloves. Most supermarkets carry them.
    I rubbed the whole clove along the gum and the tooth and in minutes my toothache was gone. What a life saver

  2. Fundantee on Mon, 11th May 2009 9:05 pm 

    That’s too much!
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